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The Ara Ake New Zealand Decarbonisation Challenge

Ara Ake collaborated with 8 electricity distribution businesses (EDBs) to help transition New Zealand towards an equitable, secure, and decarbonised energy future by undertaking a global search for innovators with the technology solutions.

Carbon Dioxide Removal and Usage in Aotearoa New Zealand

A summary of carbon capture, utilisation and storage and its possible application in supporting New Zealand’s climate goals.

Long-Distance Heavy Freight Review Report

This report reviews the existing literature on green hydrogen applied to the long-distance heavy freight task in New Zealand.

Stationary Battery Energy Storage Systems Analysis Report

Ara Ake has conducted a study on various battery energy storage system (BESS) chemistries to provide insight into a number of long duration energy storage offerings as Aotearoa New Zealand transitions towards creating energy from more intermittent resources such as wind and solar.

Community Energy How to Guide

A Community Energy Project is a challenging but exciting opportunity for communities to have ownership and control over something incredibly important in their life – energy. We wanted to invite knowledgeable people to have an opportunity to share their knowledge for the benefit of others. So, we interviewed over 60 people and organisations in the process of writing a Community Energy How to Guide. Their views are embodied in this guide. This guide is written by passionate advocates of community energy, to inspire you and help you in your journey.


The goal of the FlexForum (the Group) is to create ‘A set of actions to integrate distributed energy resources (DER) into the electricity system and markets to maximise the benefits for Aotearoa New Zealand’.

Total Cost of Ownership Comparison Tool

A tool to help long-distance heavy freight companies and the public sector understand fleet decarbonising options.

Multiple Trading Relationships

The multiple trading relationships concept is a form of innovation that aims to provide a customer with the option to contract with more than one supplier to receive or supply a subset of electricity services (including consumption, generation, demand response and other third-party provider services) at an ICP.

Wegaw Hydro Optimisation Project

A collaborative project aimed to improve water management and forecasting in South Island snow-fed catchments.

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Ara Ake has supported Emrod to locate a site for their first outdoor demonstration, and showcase their innovative technology in Taranaki.

MTR Pilot on Hawke's Bay farm

Ara Ake is facilitating a Multiple Trading Relationships (MTR) pilot that aims to introduce more competition in the energy sector...

Azura Wave Energy

Ara Ake has supported Azura Wave Energy with converting their existing business case into an attractive and credible investment opportunity.


Industry Capability Mapping Study

To view or download Concept Consulting's Industry Capability Mapping Study, click here.