20 - 21 May 2024
Wharewaka Function Centre, Wellington

Ara Ake, Community Energy Network and WISE Charitable Trust are excited to announce the 2024 Reducing Energy Hardship Conference: Building equity into our communities. The conference will be held at Wharewaka Function Centre, Wellington, on 20-21 May 2024. 

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Tickets now on sale!

This event continues on from the successful 2023 Reducing Energy Hardship Conference, where 40 presenters discussed the state of energy hardship in Aotearoa New Zealand, both public and private initiatives, community energy concepts, and key innovations addressing critical problems hindering community energy implementation. Speakers highlighted key steps to address energy hardship, emphasising the shift from reactive to proactive solutions. 

The focus is on tackling root causes and promoting energy justice to mitigate, not just medicate, the issue. At this year’s conference we are building on this kōrero and looking ahead to discuss: 

- Initiatives currently underway in the community energy space in Aotearoa and overseas, and what technological and social innovations are breaking through.
- Looking through a Kaupapa Māori lens and finding fit for purpose solutions.
- Diving deeper into how communities can work with the public and private sectors to provide leadership in their own energy transition.
- How the international landscape has changed since the 2023 conference and what are the international perspectives on energy hardship.
- Government priorities and how we can work together to address the challenges of reducing energy hardship.

Discounted tickets are available for community groups and students. Please reach out to Rosie Condon for more details: [email protected].

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Reducing Energy Hardship Report cover

2023 Reducing Energy Hardship Conference summary report

Click here to download the 2023 Reducing Energy Hardship Conference summary report