Ara Ake works with you, the energy innovator, to help you commercialise and enter the market.

Ara Ake launched in 2020 to help energy innovators in New Zealand to develop and commercialise. We offer a range of services, facilitate our own projects, and provide resources and guidance to help you. Find out about:

  • Funding and investment support
  • Energy research and insights
  • Project support and development
  • Connecting and collaborating
  • Co-location at Ara Ake (Taranaki).
Annual Report 2021 2022

2021/2022 Annual Report

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Our impact

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Job vacancies

We regularly update our website with any job vacancies that we have.

Why Taranaki?

Based in Taranaki - the heart of New Zealand’s energy sector - Ara Ake is ideally placed to lead advancements in low-emissions energy solutions. The energy sector is a key contributor to the region’s economy, producing 25 percent of its GDP. It is home to over 7000 highly skilled people with world class energy sector, technical capability and expertise.

Taranaki offers a complete energy ecosystem within a concise geographical location, with access to invaluable knowledge and expertise, infrastructure, supply chain, and many energy resources.

Global connections

To accelerate our journey to a low-emissions energy future, the sharing of knowledge globally is critical. Ara Ake is actively building on ideas, knowledge, actions and models from around the world. We are creating global connections and international partnerships to take our new energy innovation to the world and introduce global investors to the opportunities presented by New Zealand’s unique energy ecosystem.

Change is in motion and we’re excited to be part of this significant opportunity to showcase to the world, what makes New Zealand leaders in future energy development.

What we value

Ara Ake is focused on organisational resilience and long-term sustainability and fosters a diverse, culturally aware and inclusive environment.

We align to the principle of āta, fostering respectful relationships and engaging with others with trust and integrity. We also recognise the importance of kaitiakitanga, the guardianship and protection of our environment for present and future generations.

We value knowledge and understand the need to balance collaboration and transparency with the protection of intellectual property. We are agile and proactive, allowing an open approach to opportunities as they arise in a fast-paced, technology driven future.